Visions and Values

Because we want to… The ‘people growing’ business is about encouraging a desire to learn, an enquiring mind, good manners, honesty and concern for the well-being of others. The children‘s approach to learning, the impressive displays and the calm atmosphere will make a lasting impression on you.

Because we are curious… Creating life-long learners is what we are about!  Minds are continuously challenged and inspired as pupils investigate the past, make sense of today and create the future. Garras really is a playground for the mind but also a nest for the heart.

Because we are inspired… Staff make sure our ‘learning friendly’ space is safe and friendly and exciting. All they ask in return is that everyone works hard, does their best and shares responsibility for behaviour. People talk openly about achievement and ways to be even better. Our SATS results tell everyone that we are getting it right.

Because we can… Our living community recognises the important contribution everyone can make. We really understand how children think. Staff  have knowledge and expertise to help children overcome difficulties as they arise or provide opportunity for deeper enquiry and challenge. We are really good at listening to each other.

Because we enjoy… Individuality is cherished at Garras. We believe an open door nurtures an open mind. The arts, sporting activities and life-skills rest comfortably alongside the more academic subjects, helping pupils discover the champion within. Unique strengths and personalities grow in an ‘I can’ school and it’s OK to say ‘I can, but I need a little help right now.’

Because we belong… Everyone belongs to the school family, pulling together in an energetic, inspirational and caring way. Groups are encouraged to make connections with one another through the work they do, the problems they solve and the experiences they share; helping to nurture the citizens of the future. The school really is perceived as the soul for lifelong learning within the local community.