Schools Co-operative Society

1st June 2015

The Schools Co-operative Society and The Co-operative College outlines its joint

vision for working with the new Government


One of the largest groups of schools in the country has outlined its vision to work with the

new government. The Schools Co-operative Society (SCS) is the apex body for all Co-operative

Schools in the country, numbering over 850 primary and secondary schools. It

has outlined a joint approach in partnership with The Co-operative College, an educational

charity based in Manchester. In a joint statement, the Chief Executives of both

organisations have committed to working in partnership with the new government to raise

standards and outcomes for young people, in particular the joint statement highlights:


• SCS and The Co-operative College are committed to the journey/vision to create a

world class education system for all through the further development of a school

led self-improving system.

• SCS and The Co-operative College will actively work with the DFE to create a range

of sustainable models of school organisation, including Co-operative multi-academy

trusts, that will drive world class outcomes for all.

• SCS and The Co-operative College are committed to the development of active,

engaged citizens within modern British society

• SCS and The Co-operative College will continue to support our family of schools to

deliver the highest standards and outcomes.


David Boston, Chief Executive of SCS highlighted that this is an exciting time for Cooperative

Schools as they look to build upon a values driven approach to school

improvement. “The Prime Minister David Cameron highlighted a number of years ago in a

speech in Manchester how he felt that a co-operative built around the needs of children is

an ideal model to engage parents. We are seeking to further build on this shared

understanding to create a world class future for co-operative schools.”


Simon Parkinson, the new Chief Executive and Principal of The Co-operative College

commented that.

"The Co-operative Movement has a longstanding commitment to outstanding education for

all. We look forward to continuing this by working with the new government, SCS and our

growing network of schools to continue the drive for an education experience which

supports all young people to reach their full potential."