Keskowethyans MAT

20th November 2017

Southerly Point Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust: Enabling Excellence Together

As you are aware, one of the principles in establishing Southerly Point Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust was to ensure that we provided the best educational experience for children in our immediate community. To this end, we are discussing the possibility of the Keskowethyans Trust joining Southerly Point Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust. The majority of children who attend the Keskowethyans schools go on to attend either Mullion or Helston secondary schools and so a closer working relationship would be desirable in terms of continuity of education. The partnership would also provide opportunities for staff to work and train together, sharing best practice and learning from each other, which would benefit all the children across all key stages.

Whilst there is much to consider, Trustees believe that this would be a positive way forward for both Trusts. We will be undertaking a comprehensive due diligence process and as part of that we are interested in hearing your views in relation to this proposed way forward, as well as any points or suggestions you would like us to bear in mind. Please email any comments to  by 30th November.