HRCST needs your votes!

1st November 2017
The project that HRCST are asking you to support is the provision of a fantastic floating classroom on Trevassack Lake, designed with disability in mind to allow youngsters of all abilities to explore and enjoy water based activities from a stimulating and safe craft.

This pontoon based craft, with electric engine, open sided with full canopy cover, will make the whole lake, and especially the South Bank of the Lake, accessible for everyone including those who are wheelchair-bound.
The South Bank is a magical place, only reachable by water, where children will be able to learn forest craft, experience wild camping, and escape to a Treasure Island of the imagination.

In addition the floating classroom offers an exciting and quite unique opportunity for youngsters with severe disabilities the chance to be out on the open water, to learn about the water life with an underwater camera, to fish from the well-stocked lake, to feel the winds from a safe platform. It will greatly expand the range of activities and the useable area of the lake for all children.