Head teacher appointment update

8th July 2015

8th July 2015

Dear Parents,

Please find below a letter from the school governors and a letter from Susan Evans in which we are sharing and updating you on our journey to recruiting a new head teacher.

From the Governors;

We wanted to keep you informed about what has been happening with the recruitment process for a new head teacher. After seeking advice from County we advertised nationally for a new head. Sadly, we had few responses, reflecting the current recruitment problems faced in both county and nationally. After a long meeting with County advisors we have decided that, taking the current situation with academies into account, the best way to move forward is to recruit an acting head teacher whom Susan has kindly agreed to mentor pre and post her retirement.

Our decision has also been influenced by the Government’s recent announcement that by 2020 all schools in England would need to become an academy, whether on their own, part of a multi academy trust or part of a larger school. The Governing Board, head teacher and staff have worked extremely hard to ensure the schools are in a safe position by becoming a small federation.

We are aware of how important it is to make sure that both schools have stability in the future and will strive to make sure this happens. Knowing that the Government want all schools to ‘academise’, which will effectively bring about many changes, we feel it is in our interest to keep our future options open. With all of this come many questions which we would like to help to answer. We would like to invite you to a meeting at Garras School, on Tuesday 14th July at 2.00pm or at Sithney School at 6.30pm. Please feel free to go to any venue that suits you.

Thanks for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Julian Rand                                 Fritha Durham

Chair of Governors                       Vice Chair


A letter from Susan;

We are all aware that we are entering a period of transition in our schools.  It is heart-warming to see ‘business as usual’ as we receive glowing reports from our School Improvement Partner with both schools continuing to grow in both numbers and reputation. The search for a new head teacher is underway with the Appointments Committee handling the whole process with such diligence and care. Our schools are in safe hands indeed!

I have no doubt that the priority for our Governors is to ensure that those aspects of our schools which we hold dear will not be compromised. Each and every person associated with our schools has, in some way contributed towards what we have and it is something very special.

I have appreciated your kind words about my retirement. Headship is such a wonderful job and I will miss so much of it. Whoever follows in my footsteps will also bring something magical with them. They will need your love and support in their early days and I ask you to give them space to show who they are and what they can bring to Sithney and Garras. The Governors have asked me to consider supporting our new head teacher in their early days, a task I would be delighted to carry out if needed. I would simply share what works, explain our ethos and practice and help them build those relationship bridges which are so important. I’m sure you find this reassuring to hear. Remember, with uncertainty comes adventure.

Right now we need to support our Governors in their search for my replacement and trust in them as we all face wider challenges of school organisation in the future; let’s grasp this as an exciting opportunity to move forward positively and with confidence. May I end with a personal thank you for your superb commitment to our schools and the staff who work in them. We have so much to be thankful for haven’t we!

Susan E Evans

Executive Head teacher

Garras and Sithney C P Schools