Governors of Garras School

  • Mr Nathaniel Hobbs

    Chair of Governors/H&S

“Education has been a major part of my life, and my years at a small rural primary school similar to Garras School was central in giving me a love for learning. I hope as a Governor I can support the team in continuing to provide a nurturing environment and first class education for the children of the school.”

  • Mr Michael Davidson

    Vice Chair/Whistleblowing

‘I have always taken a keen interest in Garras Primary School, and as a Governor been able to help guide the progress of our children. To see them grow into caring, articulate, and confident children is a great joy to me.’

  • Mrs Leona Lugg

    Parent Governor/Safeguarding

  • Mrs Laura Murgatroyd

    Parent Governor/Literacy/Equality

‘I have one child currently at Garras and one starting in September (2022) who is currently at Owlets. I am a Primary teacher specialising in the teaching of English, early reading and outdoor learning. Garras School is a wonderful place and the perfect setting for my children so becoming a Governor seemed a very positive path to follow’. 

  • Mrs Lisa Williams

    Community governor

  • Mr James Sturges

    Governor & Garras Head of School