Catch up page 5th June

5th June 2020
Our new septic tank (or submarine, as it's now known!) being put into place on Wednesday. A great thing for our children to see on their first day back!
Noah and Peach were on photography duty and took some amazing photos! 
A message for you from Bubble 2.
James says 'Hello everyone. It's been good to see my friends again and the work has been good. Looking forward to seeing  all the children soon'
Dan says 'The work has been good and easy. The classroom looks different but it is OK. Play times are great because you get more space in the playground. Stay well everyone'.
George says ' I have loved being back at school, the learning has been fun and it's nice to see my friends. I hope everyone comes back soon.
Amelia and Olivia strawberry picking during the half term & pictures of them working on their school project this week ‘Under the Sea’.