The Curriculum

Our Curriculum

The approach we already use:

  • Start topic using a curriculum map and what the pupils tell us they would like to investigate
  • Ensure progression
  • Great, exciting launch
  • We let pupils steer their learning
  • Reinforcing skills
  • We don't over plan so as to allow for flexibility and curiosity
  • We build momentum


Purpose and aspirations:

  • To develop children's purpose of learning and expand their aspirations.
  • Advance organisers
  • To have purpose in what they are doing
  • To use a knowledge harvest to find out what is already known and identify new learning.
  • To use mind maps to support thinking.
  • To identify and link future learning opportunities independently.


Building learning power

  • To develop children as independent learners with resilience.
  • To celebrate uniqueness and strengths.
  • To support tricky areas of learning.
  • To celebrate even the smallest learning moment.


Cognitive challenge

  • Intellectual challenge.
  • Closed / open activities in small steps.
  • Powerful questioning.


Maximise environment

  • A range of places to site, think and learn.
  • Powerful, respectful dialogue between adults and pupils.
  • Small steps planning where pupils can develop at an individual pace.
  • Role play opportunities.
  • Outdoor learning opportunities and regular visits off site.
  • Availability of quality, well cared for resources.
  • Continuous provision.
  • Highly skilled and motivated staff.
  • Joy and humour in everything we do!

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development



Our pupils  learn that they are unique and special from the moment they come into the Foundation Stage. They are encouraged to love and care about each other and the world. Opportunities to explore life, learn and grow are afforded our children through the arts, language, outdoor learning and experiences or visits.



Our pupils have a clearly defined sense of right and wrong underpinned through British values and a respect for, and understanding of, other faiths and cultures. In addition, they are guided toward consideration of wider moral issues through discussion and debate and the ability to listen carefully to the views of others.


British Values

  • Equality of opportunity.
  • Freedom of Speech.
  • The right to live free from persecution.
  • Decision making through democracy.
  • Law that protects citizens and is essential for their wellbeing and safety.
  • Freedom to choose and hold other faiths and tolerance and acceptance of the faith followed by others.
  • Importance of identifying and combatting discrimination.



Behaviour and the quality of all relationships within our school are judged as 'outstanding'. Our pupils genuinely care about and consider the feelings of others. They take their social responsibilities seriously both locally, nationally and internationally through charitable support and child sponsorship.


Cultural and Multi-Cultural

The provision we make to support the cultural development of our children is extensive. Their understanding of their own cultural heritage is extended through studies of Cornish art, language and literature. We ensure access to high quality performance, theatre and the arts through residential visits to London.

Through our study of other faiths and cultures we ensure our pupils fully understand and appreciate Britain as a multi-cultural country.

We have very close links with local Churches, Garras, Light and Life, Carleen Community Church, Lizard Fellowship and Chynhale Chapel. Our pupils know the churches well and visit them to study, present work and sometimes to worship. The children have created a spiritual garden space within the school grounds.