SPCMAT information

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Important news on the future of your child’s schools

The Governing Body of your Federation has decided to convert to an Academy and build a common future with our thirteen longstanding partner schools in the Southerly Point Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust.

As you know, work on this complex process has been going on for nearly two years, and reaching this point has been a long and sometimes difficult journey. Governors have given the issues careful thought and discussion, sharing our fears, concerns and hopes for the future of our young people.

We took account of all the views offered to us: yours as parents as well as those of staff, the local community, our current partner schools, educational professionals and many others. We are profoundly grateful to all of those who have taken the time to give us their input, every word of which has been weighed carefully.

One aim was and will always be central: the best long-term interests of our current and future students within the community we serve.

We believe the decision to unite in a single educational trust will not only secure the future of our schools but allow them to perform even better as close partnership and pooling resources with other local schools bring ever greater benefits. At a time of challenge and rapid change in education, working together with schools with shared values offers immense advantages. 

We were very aware of the distinct character of our schools, and preserving them was a key aim. We believe that, for all the benefit of working closely with others, our own schools will continue to be different and special, with their own governing body and their own uniform, schools policies and ethos.

It was not always easy to see the need for change at schools with strong local reputations and good academic records. But our status as a local authority maintained schools was not tenable in the long term: successive governments have made clear they want all schools to become academies and join multi-academy trusts, while the ability of Cornwall Council to support its remaining schools satisfactorily is under severe pressure.

We see this move not as a revolutionary change but as part of the continual evolution of education in this part of Cornwall.   There will be new structures and systems, and we are particularly excited by the co-operative nature of the new Trust, which will give parents a formal voice for the first time.

Nevertheless, for parents and pupils there will be surprisingly little change to the business of learning and of being part of the schools community.

We are energised by the prospect of being in at the beginning of a new and exciting venture. We know there will be challenges but we look forward to working ever more closely with all our partners: parents, the local community and the 13 other schools making up the Trust.

There can be no greater responsibility than supporting your children as they make their journey of educational and personal development and as they move from childhood to adulthood. We believe the decision to form a Multi-Academy Trust equips us to face that task ever more effectively, and we thank you for your support as we step into a new future.

Lucy Wandless – Executive Head teacher

Kristin Pryor – Chair of Governors