London meeting 18 .05 2015

Meeting with parents Monday 18th May 2015 at 2.30pm


Mrs Evans offered her apologies for not, due to SATS tests, being able to organise the meeting when the letters were sent home.

Mrs Evans explained that the trips are well organised by a travel company with a lot of experience of school trips. These visits offer the children the opportunity to experience a different way of life. There would be lots of discussion beforehand with pupils, and they are always glad they went!!

Staff take this visit very seriously and would cancel it without hesitation if there were any risk to the children's safety. Staff won’t ring parents routinely while we are away, but will send regular updates to school for inclusion on the website.

Parents’ questions;

Accommodation? A youth hostel in Rotherhithe, the schools will be on one floor but won’t have the accommodation to ourselves. The children will share a room either 4 or 6 with a bathroom, adults have the keys, and the rooms are modern and warm.

Adults in the room? No but they sleep on the same floor. The rooms cannot be accessed from outside without a key, and the adults will be alert for noises. The access is secure, with a security gate on grounds, then a secure front desk.

Which adults will be going? At least one of each school’s own staff; it is anticipated that Mrs Evans and Miss Greatbatch will go from Garras. All children will know where the adult’s room is, the lights stay on in the hall, and if they need anyone they will be told to wake a friend, before they come to the room. The hostel has a self-service cafe, packed lunches will be provided, the staff at the hostel are well used to school parties.

What are the travel arrangements? We will be dropped off right outside all the venues, we do not walk around the streets, and will not use the underground. Bright orange or purple hats will be provided for the children for easy identification, and adults will be tough on discipline to keep children aware of safety.

How many children will be going? Approximately 45 to 50 pupils with 6 staff

Parent helpers? No, pupils tend to play up when their parent are present! This will be the same for all the schools.

What will happen to the pupils who don’t go? They will be expected to attend school with a supply teacher and the year 4s, but we hope to have all pupils involved.

When? Tue 10th to Thu 12th November 2015 - need to confirm the numbers by Friday 22nd May.

Drivers and tour guide? Legal requirements are met. Tour guides will be used for the mornings only.

Will the whole group together? Yes, throughout the trip.

Will there be any male staff? Yes, the head at Crowan, Paul Hunkin.

Will the children get to meet each other beforehand? Yes, one afternoon will be arranged for all the children to get together.

Why is it so expensive? The high costs of insurance, travel and secure accommodation account for the price.

Can the children take cameras? Disposable ones are preferred but children can take their own.

Are visits to gift shops allowed? Yes, as long as they are not too busy. Adults will guard the exits at these times. We ask that the children bring £5 at the most spending money.

Will staff talk to the pupils who are very anxious? Yes of course, probably around October in the lead up, then build up over the weeks.

Is this an annual trip? This will happen every other year, alternating with a local camp.

Is it possible to have an overnight stay the on school site as a try out? This is too risky as the school is not a designated residential area. A one night stay at Coverack YHA for year 4 may be a possibility as a try out.


The meeting concluded at 3.20pm.