January 2016 update

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to those of you I haven’t yet caught up with.

And so a new year begins… one which will see some very exciting events unfold. These form part of the journey our schools are currently making. I thought it would be helpful to update you on them.


Both schools are currently working with a project manager to improve the facilities available on site. We are so very fortunate to be able to afford these as many schools have extremely tight budgets. Ours are both so healthy due to rising numbers on roll.

Garras: There have been several delays in the development of this project and the Director of the project management company agrees it has been unacceptable. He has been remarkable in pulling this project back on time; he has quickly ensured that all investigations have been carried out and secured us coming in as close to the predicted budget which is nothing short of a miracle. We certainly have sufficient funds. We are simply awaiting planning approval for our updated plans. Although we cannot give an estimate of completion date until planning is approved, we hope the work can commence before the summer term begins.

Sithney: Plans are being discussed which involve the creation of a small teaching area added on to the staff room. This will hopefully include a new office for the head teacher as this will free up space to develop the office and entrance area. The feasibility report was completed recently, and governors will be analysing whether this project can continue as planned. The preferred timing for building work would be the summer holidays.


The journey to find a new head teacher picks up again this term in order to secure my replacement for September. I am so pleased to have stayed an additional two terms, particularly with regard to inspection timings. Now a ‘post-Ofsted’ journey can be planned in earnest. I am glad to be here to begin that journey.

In the first instance the Governing Board are considering interest made by other schools in the Trust. There is a really good reason for this, we are strong and united in our work. Just as we have federated, other schools in the Trust will have to look seriously at this model in the future and we are now seen as an exemplar model. At this stage interest includes us working with another school(s) or interest in leading just our federation. We are very excited by this as there remains a national crisis in head teacher recruitment.

Please do not be fearful of this news. The rapid culture of change continues and we are so very well placed for the future and to embrace a new head teacher to lead and love our schools.

At a recent Trust Heads meeting I explained our strength and ‘might’ as a successful federation. Heads completely grasp the role parents and pupils have played in ensuring its success. They readily accept that ‘we come as a pair’ into the future.


All schools in the Trust are now seriously exploring becoming one Co-operative Academy Trust. We have already shared with you why we feel this is a natural next step. At every point in the process of conversion each Governing Body will pause and review.

The infrastructure of our Trust schools will change over the next few years as more schools federate to form ‘hubs’. A priority for most Governing Bodies is a heightened awareness of how a federation functions. It is likely our federation will lead this awareness raising and training.

Our schools are so well placed and ready to face this development. Lucky us!

If you have any concerns or would like some further information, I invite you to pop in for a natter, phone or email me.

Warm regards,

Susan Evans